About Veterinary Clinic of Lubbock

About Veterinary Clinic in Lubbock in Lubbock, TX
We first opened the doors of our animal hospital in 1946 when we were founded by Dr. Rogers. The Veterinary Clinic of Lubbock has been a staple in the community of Lubbock, TX since the beginning. In 1983, Dr. Randy Bullard purchased the practice, later moving us to our current location in 1989.

Our Animal Hospital’s Mission

We are so proud of the legacy of our animal hospital, as well as our longevity in the community. Many of our clients and patients are related to our original patrons, making the Veterinary Clinic of Lubbock genuinely feel like a family practice, serving generation after generation. We make it a part of our mission to provide affordable treatment out of respect for our clients. Our team of veterinarians will discuss all aspects of your pet’s needs with you, ensuring that the lines of communication are open and that you understand all of your pet’s options. Our team is committed to communication as well as compassionate service. Call us today at (806) 792-8387.

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