Seasonal Pet Tips

For season-specific information, please check below.

Helpful Seasonal Pet Tips

We want to keep your pet safe all year round! The Veterinary Clinic of Lubbock shares helpful pet tips to keep your pet safe no matter the season. If you have questions about any of these tips or other seasonal concerns, please call us at 806-792-8387.

Winter Safety For Pets

During the winter months, temperatures may drop to levels our pets are not used to enduring. Be sure to keep an eye on your pet when they go outside, making sure that your best friend is comfortable and warm at all times.

In winter, many people also begin using certain dangerous chemicals that should always be kept out of our pets’ reach as well. These chemicals may include sidewalk salt, ice melt, and antifreeze. Manufacturers have heard the veterinary industry’s pleas, and many companies have introduced non-toxic versions of these products. Be sure to shop for these if you need to use these chemicals in your home.

Spring Safety For Pets

Springtime in Texas is always warm, and sometimes the sudden temperature change can catch us off guard. Remember that it’s important to leave your pet safely at home if you’re running errands around town. Parked cars can become extremely hot in a matter of minutes, even when the outside temperatures are barely eighty degrees.

When your pet spends time outside in this hot season of the year, be sure to always supply shelter and fresh water to ensure that your pet doesn’t become overheated or dehydrated. Heatstroke is a huge concern in our area, and if you notice signs that your pet is overheating, please contact us immediately.

Summer Safety For Pets

Summers are insanely hot in our part of the country, and it’s important to make sure that your pet is protected from the elements at all times. This means NEVER leaving your pet unattended outside or in a parked vehicle and ALWAYS providing them with shelter and fresh, cool water for drinking.

The summer season can also bring other dangers in the form of pests and diseases. Talk with our team to make sure that your pet is fully protected from these dangers before they are put at risk.

Fall Safety For Pets

For many parts of the country, the fall season means cooler weather, but that’s not usually the case for us! During the warm fall months here in Texas, the dangers of pests and diseases increase, and it becomes critical that your pet be protected at all times. We recommend ongoing flea, tick, and heartworm preventives administered on a monthly basis, and it’s essential that your pet be up-to-date on their vaccinations at all times.