Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is a much-anticipated holiday for many of us, but our pets may not be so keen. This scare-filled holiday can be a terrifying experience for pets who don’t always understand that the goblins at the door and blood-curdling screams aren’t real. Additionally, all the candy is quite the dangerous temptation! Learn more about these Halloween hazards and how to properly protect your pet with our Halloween pet safety tips!

Being Cautious with Costumes

Costumes for your pet can cause more trouble than they may be worth. It all depends on whether or not your pet enjoys being dressed up, and if they don’t, you may need to find a suitable alternative. Try your pet’s costume on them a few days before Halloween to see how they react and how it fits. A costume should never restrict your pet’s movement, breathing, eyesight, or hearing. Additionally, make sure it doesn’t have any parts hanging off that are easily edible. If your pet seems to be comfortable in their ‘stume and is loving the attention, then you’re good to go! Just always make sure your pet is supervised while in costume so they don’t get themselves into any trouble.

Avoiding Decoration Disasters

Pets can be awfully curious, which sometimes means sticking their noses where they don’t belong! Halloween decorations including candles, jack-o’-lanterns, electrical lights, and animatronics can be particularly dangerous for our furry friends. Make sure to put lit candles and jack-o’-lanterns well out of reach of wagging tails. Electrical cords should also be secured away from your pet’s reach because they often mistake them for chew toys!

Keeping Scary Noises to a Minimum

Pets can easily become anxious and frightened from all the spooky noises and an incessantly ringing doorbell! Halloween recordings can be a popular accompaniment to your porch décor, but try to keep the speakers facing outward so the scary sounds don’t flood your house. Additionally, if possible, sit outside to hand out candy so kids don’t have to ring the doorbell. If you can’t muffle the noises, it might be best to put your pet in a quiet back room where they can relax for the evening. Your veterinarian can also prescribe anti-anxiety medication if your pet is overly anxious.

Interested in more Halloween pet safety tips? Contact our animal hospital at (806) 792-8387 or ask your veterinarian at your next appointment!

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