4 Reasons to See a Vet

Reasons to See a Vet in Lubbock, TX

Our pets may seem happy-go-lucky most of the time, but the truth is, they age about 7x faster than we do! This is why it’s so important to take your pet to a vet like The Veterinary Clinic of Lubbock in Lubbock, TX, at least once per year. Below is a list of four of the most common reasons that we recommend pet owners bring their best friend into the vet:

Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exams

Pets can’t tell us they’re not feeling well or that they’re in pain, and since some health problems are asymptomatic, your pet could have an illness that you wouldn’t know about without a veterinary exam. Here at The Veterinary Clinic of Lubbock, we recommend that all pets have a comprehensive wellness exam at least once a year so we can either make sure your pet is healthy or provide treatment recommendations if they’re not. Even if your pet seems to be completely healthy, it’s still important to take them to the vet every year to find out for sure.


Preventive Pet Care

The best way to treat your pet’s health problems is to prevent them in any way you can. That’s why our veterinarians place such a strong emphasis on preventive care. From parasites to viruses, there are dozens of possible threats to your pet’s health that justify keeping your pet on a year-round parasite preventive product and keeping them updated on their vaccinations. We can recommend the best products to fit your pet’s lifestyle at their next visit.


Dental Care

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems seen in pets. In fact, more than 50% of dogs and cats have some form of gum disease by just 3 years of age. Gum disease can lead to infection, tooth loss, and even a shortened lifespan if left untreated. This is why dental care is another reason you should see a vet on a regular basis. The Veterinary Clinic of Lubbock offers comprehensive dentistry to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. With annual dental visits to our clinic, you can lower or even eliminate your pet’s chances of developing gum disease.


Diagnostic Care

Sometimes the results of a comprehensive exam aren’t enough to fully diagnose a pet’s condition, and advanced diagnostic care is needed. This technology allows a veterinarian to examine your pet internally to detect fractures/broken bones, foreign bodies, and a number of other conditions. If you’ve noticed your pet limping or suspect they ate a non-edible item, we recommend that X-rays be taken to find out for sure.


If it’s been a while since your pet has seen a vet, or if you’re looking for a new one, please contact us to schedule a visit with our team. We look forward to helping your pet lead a happy and healthy life for years to come!

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